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Oral Jelly

The sildenafil citrate oral jellies that are currently marketed for the treatment of impotence have proven to be very effective, very quickly. The oral jellies with tadalafil, vardenafil hcl and sildenafil citrate that you can buy today have ingredients that are known to be effective at battling Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence, so you know they’ll work. What makes it stand out from other anti-impotence treatments is its quick action, often becoming effective within 15 to 25 minutes of consumption, and its long lasting effects.

For example, Viagra Jelly, which you may not be able to get in other forms, is very popular, not only due to name recognition, but also because it contains Sildenafil Citrate, which is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. These molecules become stimulated and act quickly to block the negative effects of PDE5 enzyme and increase the production of cGMP enzyme, which helps to regulate and maintain adequate blood flow so an erection can readily occur.

Now a man can have pleasurable intercourse and all the ecstasy that he has been missing his whole life. After eating the jelly, the man will quickly feel its benefits, allowing him to achieve full erotic pleasure and happiness, and to have a fulfilling love life with tadalafil jelly, sildenafil jelly or vardenafil hcl jelly. When used properly, this jelly is sure to contribute to the sexual pleasure all men desire.

Sex with Erectile Dysfunction

Your life doesn’t need to be negatively affected by ED. Using a little imagination and sweet words, couples can have pleasurable intimacy and sex in spite of erectile issues.

Is it possible to have terrific sex if you have erectile dysfunction? Definitely! Sexual pleasure does not need to be affected by impotence or the inability to reach erection, nor does it need to have an effect on the relationship.

Why Communication Is Of Utmost Importance When You Have ED

Men who experience erectile dysfunction may have feelings of inadequacy. They often feel that their self-confidence has been undermined. ED may cause partners to experience self-doubt and feel that they are unattractive and undesirable. Partners really need to talk about what they feel, according to Mark L. Held, PhD., who works near Denver as a clinical psychologist.

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Impotence – The Big Picture

The drug phenomenon of the year is far and away the appearance of a long awaited drug that taken orally produces an erection. Viagra (chemical name Sildenafil) was approved by the Food and Drug Administration and allowed it’s manufacturer Pfizer to distribute to rave reviews by patients and physicians.

Record number of prescriptions continue to be written, and although some reactions and side effects have been noted, it can be anticipated that the trend will continue in light of the fact that new compounds such as Zonagen’s, Vasomax and TAP’s Apomorphine are being investigated as oral agents for erectile dysfunction. However, the diagnosis and treatment of impotence is not recent, and we should always recognize that this problem might have various causes that may be evaluated and treated by different means.

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Impotence in Young Men Is A Real Problem

While many people think of older men when they hear the word “impotence”, the fact is that impotence can occur in young men as well, and people should be aware of this. Actually, an increasing number of young men throughout the world experience impotence these days, which makes it even more important to educate yourself about this issue.

Additional Information Regarding Impotence in Young Men

Impotence in young men is not prevalent, but it does occur.  Smoking is one of the most common contributing factors. Smoking impacts the quality of the semen, with smokers having lower sperm counts and a greater chance of having malformed sperm.

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Sexual dysfunction

Study sheds light

A study published in the Feb. 10, 1999, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) offered insights on the frequency and causes of sexual dysfunction among Americans. In interviews with thousands of people between the ages of 18 and 59, researchers discovered that 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men regularly experienced sexual dysfunction — including lack of interest in sex, problems with arousal, not enjoying sex, problems related to climaxing and ejaculation, pain during intercourse and anxiety about sexual performance.

One of the study’s main findings was that overall well-being had a significant impact on sexual function. Respondents who reported being dissatisfied with their relationships, physically unhealthy or generally unhappy were more likely to report experiencing sexual dysfunction. Past experiences with sexual violence were also associated with a higher reporting of sexual dysfunction.

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Seven Common ED Myths Dispelled

There is a large amount of misconceptions about erectile dysfunction and why it occurs. Lessen your confusion over ED by getting the facts.

More than 30,000,000 males in the U.S. suffer from “ED” (erectile dysfunction). Even though it is a common problem, erectile dysfunction is usually misunderstood. These are some popular ED myths and the truth to dispel them.

Myth 1: Erectile Dysfunction is Caused by Tight Underwear

Fact: “There is no research showing that wearing tight underwear can lead to erectile dysfunction,” advises Alan W. Shindel, MD, who is a fellow of andrology and clinical instructor at San Francisco’s University of California. However, tight underwear might be a part of the infertility problem. Testicles are held too close to the body so that they generate too much heat, which limits sperm production.

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