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Sex with Erectile Dysfunction

Your life doesn’t need to be negatively affected by ED. Using a little imagination and sweet words, couples can have pleasurable intimacy and sex in spite of erectile issues. Is it possible to have terrific sex if you have erectile dysfunction? Definitely! Sexual pleasure does not need to be affected by impotence or the inability […]

Impotence – The Big Picture

The drug phenomenon of the year is far and away the appearance of a long awaited drug that taken orally produces an erection. Viagra (chemical name Sildenafil) was approved by the Food and Drug Administration and allowed it’s manufacturer Pfizer to distribute to rave reviews by patients and physicians. Record number of prescriptions continue to […]

Impotence in Young Men Is A Real Problem

While many people think of older men when they hear the word “impotence”, the fact is that impotence can occur in young men as well, and people should be aware of this. Actually, an increasing number of young men throughout the world experience impotence these days, which makes it even more important to educate yourself […]

Sexual dysfunction

Study sheds light A study published in the Feb. 10, 1999, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) offered insights on the frequency and causes of sexual dysfunction among Americans. In interviews with thousands of people between the ages of 18 and 59, researchers discovered that 43 percent of women and 31 […]

Seven Common ED Myths Dispelled

There is a large amount of misconceptions about erectile dysfunction and why it occurs. Lessen your confusion over ED by getting the facts. More than 30,000,000 males in the U.S. suffer from “ED” (erectile dysfunction). Even though it is a common problem, erectile dysfunction is usually misunderstood. These are some popular ED myths and the […]

Oral Jelly

The sildenafil citrate oral jellies that are currently marketed for the treatment of impotence have proven to be very effective, very quickly. The oral jellies with tadalafil, vardenafil hcl and sildenafil citrate that you can buy today have ingredients that are known to be effective at battling Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence, so you know […]