Erectile dysfunction

Various factors including age, diabetes and other medical conditions, drug taking, performance anxiety, stress, cardiac conditions and psychological factors can all be associated with Erectile Dysfunction. Men of any age can be treated for Erectile Dysfunction, and knowledge about treatment availability and success is increasing. An increasing number of men have sought medical advice and successfully overcome Erectile Dysfunction due to the efficacy of new treatment methods.

The body can become tired out by age and ill health, and this can lead to Erectile Dysfunction, also called impotence. Research also points to childhood sexual abuse and other traumatic emotional experiences as factors related to dysfunction later in life. Depression has both psychological and physical manifestations, and drugs that have depressive qualities can exacerbate the condition. Moodiness and irritability can increase, while the person also becomes impatient.

Both psychological and physical factors can lead to Erectile Dysfunction.

Drugs: Taking large amounts of other medications can cause Erectile Dysfunction, due to unwanted side effects. Drug-taking is an important contributing factor to Erectile Dysfunction.

Diabetes: Due to the huge physical changes involved in diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction often accompanies the condition. Erectile Dysfunction can also be a warning sign that diabetes may have developed.

Fear of Losing an Erection: This may also lead to Erectile Dysfunction, as concern about Erectile Dysfunction can make it more likely to occur.

Fear of Erection Loss: If a man is worried about experiencing Erectile Dysfunction, this can actually cause him to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.

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