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Seven Common ED Myths Dispelled

There is a large amount of misconceptions about erectile dysfunction and why it occurs. Lessen your confusion over ED by getting the facts.

More than 30,000,000 males in the U.S. suffer from “ED” (erectile dysfunction). Even though it is a common problem, erectile dysfunction is usually misunderstood. These are some popular ED myths and the truth to dispel them.

Myth 1: Erectile Dysfunction is Caused by Tight Underwear

Fact: “There is no research showing that wearing tight underwear can lead to erectile dysfunction,” advises Alan W. Shindel, MD, who is a fellow of andrology and clinical instructor at San Francisco’s University of California. However, tight underwear might be a part of the infertility problem. Testicles are held too close to the body so that they generate too much heat, which limits sperm production.

Myth 2: Lack of Attraction to Your Partner Leads to ED

Fact: Although a lack of physical attraction or other relationship difficulties may exacerbate erectile dysfunction, much of the cause is physiological. Shindel tells us that, “The trouble starts with a biological reason, which can lead to confidence issues, avoiding sex, fear of failure, and then avoiding your sex partner.”

Myth 3: ED is an Ordinary Condition as we Age

Fact: ED and aging don’t necessarily have to go together. “Similar to arthritis and heart disease, erectile dysfunction just occurs more often in more mature men,” says Shindel. “Certain health conditions increase in likelihood with age, as does erectile dysfunction.” ED may also indicate other health problems, particularly cardiovascular disease. The penis, being a vascular organ, could potentially respond to any issues the body may have with blood flow.

Myth 4: Only Older Men Suffer Erectile Dysfunction

Fact: Although incidence is higher in older men, men can suffer from impotence at any time throughout their life. Young males who are diabetic or have elevated BP or cardiovascular issues are especially vulnerable.

Myth 5: Oral Medications Offer the Best Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Fact: Oral medications cannot help all sufferers, and in many cases, other treatment options are explored first. First, your physician may suggest that you improve your overall health by dieting, exercising, and not using tobacco. Then you’ll want to check which drugs might be at the root of your ED problem and/or consult a therapist. Oral medications that allow for an erection by increasing penile blood flow could eventually be prescribed.

Myth 6: Emotions Are Solely Responsible For Erectile Dysfunction

Fact: In the past, psychological factors alone were blamed for erectile dysfunction. Today, professionals think physiological issues are the main cause of the majority of erectile dysfunction cases. Various physical problems, like hypertension, diabetes, renal dysfunction, and reactions to prescription medicines, can cause ED. The physical issues can lead to emotional ones.

According to Shindel, “When a man experiences erectile dysfunction, he can become anxious or depressed, and the erectile dysfunction can become a source of psychological stress.”

Myth 7: Riding a Bicycle is Not Connected to Erectile Dysfunction:

Fact: There is a higher than normal risk of erectile dysfunction for cyclists. According to Irwin Goldstein, MD, clinical professor of surgery and University of California at San Diego, and director of sexual medicine at Alvarado Hospital, “If you fell asleep in a very awkward position in a chair, you’d get pins and needles in a part of the body to which the blood wasn’t flowing properly. When you ride a bike, most of your body weight is on the crotch, causing damage by crushing endothelial cells.”

There are a multitude of causes and treatments for the complex condition of ED. Talking to your doctor candidly and getting diagnosed accurately is the best way of finding out the reasons behind your ED.