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Sex with Erectile Dysfunction

Your life doesn’t need to be negatively affected by ED. Using a little imagination and sweet words, couples can have pleasurable intimacy and sex in spite of erectile issues.

Is it possible to have terrific sex if you have erectile dysfunction? Definitely! Sexual pleasure does not need to be affected by impotence or the inability to reach erection, nor does it need to have an effect on the relationship.

Why Communication Is Of Utmost Importance When You Have ED

Men who experience erectile dysfunction may have feelings of inadequacy. They often feel that their self-confidence has been undermined. ED may cause partners to experience self-doubt and feel that they are unattractive and undesirable. Partners really need to talk about what they feel, according to Mark L. Held, PhD., who works near Denver as a clinical psychologist.

How Couples Can Maintain Intimacy

Both partners should have an open mind when considering intimacy while dealing with ED problems. You may need to adopt a fresh outlook. Couples could try to see their sexual relations and their partners in a new light.

Act playfully toward one another. Try to keep the atmosphere light and playful while supporting one another. Be in the present, focused on providing pleasure to your partner. Held says you shouldn’t be stressed out about what’s going to happen. Be aware of the possibilities.

Don’t be afraid to really look at one another. Engage in other activities together too. Take a stroll, grab a bite in a cafe, or simply talk. To promote conversation and honesty in a relationship, spend time with one another. Share some activities that both of you like beyond the bedroom walls, Held advises.

Be imaginative with foreplay. The preliminaries to sex don’t necessarily need to begin in the bedroom. Put in a sexy DVD and watch, Held advises. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous. Think about how you had fun back when the two of you went on dates. A football game? A little music perhaps? A concert performance maybe?

Think about sex from a fresh perspective. Avoid allowing erectile dysfunction to take center stage. Think about performing stimulation orally or by hand, Held suggests. Stimulate your partner with a vibrator, but be careful not to use it to achieve an erection. Don’t focus on the penis.

How Therapy Is Beneficial

A qualified therapist can help couples find the reason for erectile dysfunction and offer a solution for the emotional problems that are connected to ED. Most of the time, there is a physical reason for ED, like a health issue or lifestyle issue that is decreasing the blood circulation to the penis. At times, psychological problems can add to erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Cases of erectile dysfunction in young males are often psychological in nature. According to Held, in almost all cases, the issue has to do with a man becoming anxious about performing sexually. In older males, ED is probably the result of a physical problem connected to other health issues, like diabetes or blood pressure drug side effects.

Think of erectile dysfunction as a problem shared by the partners. Couples who keep this in mind can have a stronger relationship and better communication in spite of ED. This can serve as a form of prevention against future issues, Held states. He says that a man should realize that it is not wise to get too worried if he experiences ED again.

Also it is important not to think that you can pop a pill and cure erectile dysfunction. “Using a pill for ED sort of beats around the bush with the problem,” Held says. When relationships are solid, pills may be a good way to improve ED. The pill is a great way to stop ED as long as relationship issues have been ruled out.